Spiritual Coaching with Erica Wiederlight

  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you feel a call to love yourself deeper?
  • Is self worth something that you need to work on?
  • Do you find yourself giving your power away to teachers, relationships and situations?
  • Do you need help getting clear on how to manifest what you want? How to get it and how to keep it?
  • Are you ready to step into your power? Become your own queen, goddess and guru?
  • Do you hear the call to have an incredible life? To up level, and to become who you were really meant to be?

Stop Feeling Paralyzed by Fear that you can finally push the submit button on your dream job application, go on the date
with your dream man and have the courage to ask your boss for a raise.

If ANY of these are a yes for you, I know, I totally hear you, and I get you;
oh boy do I get you… 120%

I was in your exact same shoes, knowing that I deserved a better life. I relate so deeply to you which is why I became a coach and decided that mentoring is my mission. Before investing in myself and learning how to truly love and honor myself; I was in a self hating- self sabotaging anxiety pit. At the time, if you told me I would have been here, I would have cackled in your face. Yet, this work has deeply transformed me inside out, time and time again. I have found a deep purpose,to help you live your best life. I am here to remind you: your worth, your value, and that YOU matter.

I can promise you, when you change your mentality, you change your experience.

My journey and the process in which I will lay out for you working together has lead me to a life beyond my expectations. A life full of joy, magic, happiness and the best part was the relationship I have formed with myself and with the universe, because that is truly: #PRICELESS.

My main intention that I set for all of my clients is having you leave our work together feeling inspired, renewed and ready to step into your wholeness and your value, while we work on your personal goals. Knowing your worth and showing up like a badass warrior goddess kweeeen.

The biggest success stories come from my private clients. This program is meant for the woman who wants to live a life full of joy, pleasure, happiness and queendom. She invests in herself and her life. Only a few spots are open, so if you hear the call… let’s do this!

"I have been working with Erica for about 4 months now and boy what a change I have felt in my heart, head and life. Erica has been fantastic facilitating and guiding me through my feelings and thought processes with no judgement, just light, love and laughter! I have loved the knowledge that if I am going through a tough time I can reach out to her but also she will share and be there in my good times too! I can not highly recommend 'We the Light' enough being in your life if you need just that extra something to tackle life."

- Sophie

Through coaching you will…

  • gain confidence
  • have clarity on your desires
  • deepen your spiritual practice
  • have a badass mindset
  • embody your highest self
  • have unlimited support
  • connect to something greater than yourself
What you get...
(Over $15,000 value)

  • 17 60 minute coaching sessions over 9 months (a $7,000 value)
  • One 2-hour deep dive session (a $1,500 value)
  • Unlimited email support (a $2,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly resources and strategies to implement between sessions (a $4,000 value)
The Bonuses
Crappy To Happy Download
($175 value)
  • Tools on becoming the happiest person you know
  • 10 on the go tools
  • PLUS
    a complimentary (optional) consultation
Buddha with a Blowout
($200 value)
  • 11 incredible guided meditations
  • Customized for specific scenarios including: first dates, job interviews, morning and evening, plus much more
    An on the go mindfulness worksheet
    5 videos
    5 .pdfs
Self Love Adventure Package
($500 value)
  • package full of spiritual goodies
  • AND
    it is sent right to your home USPS next day shipping for free!

"I must say, Coach Erica totally rocks! Erica is truly a godsend looking back over the last 8 months since beginning my life coach sessions. Admittedly, this has been one of the most powerful and impactful experiences of my life. In retrospect, her coaching input proved to be a real boost and “shot in the arm” at the right time!

It is not often, in fact sometimes ever, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself,and have someone be there to intuitively CONNECT and LISTEN to everything you’re thinking and feeling. And then in addition to just listening, help to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way and work out what you really want and need from a situation. Erica coached me through two of the biggest decisions I have made in my life so far, and it was because of her sincere guidance and support that I felt I had the confidence to make these decisions. I am very thankful for Erica’s coaching tips and will continue to use what I have learned for many years to come."

Michael Shell, Grad Student & Entrepreneur


Who is coaching for?

This coaching package was created for YOU. Seriously. It was made for the boss ass human that you are, who is ready to step into their power and shine. Honestly, my love, you knowwwww at your core that you are destined for freakin fabulous things. This course was created to move all of the junk that is telling you otherwise and to step into who you were meant to be in this world. I wanted to create this for you. Something that is both deeply transformative and affordably. This course was designed to change your life, so honestly the investment is #priceless.

How much of a commitment is this?

This all depends on how deep you want to go with this work.  If you are truly looking to get to the next level, it’s not always going to be quick & easy.  You will need to do the work to see the results. What you put in, is what you will get.

What will I get out of it?

If you are committed to the work, do the assignments, and truly SHOW UP for yourself with a sense of devotion and intention…

You will have:

•  A deeper relationship with yourself
• Tools on letting go of shame and guilt
• Resources to truly feel supported and guided on your self help journey

I’m also in the wellness world, will this still be helpful?

100 percent. Learning different tools and hearing different thoughts around spirituality is always beneficial to your growth.  If you want to get to the next level, whatever that next level is for you, you need to take in as much information as possible to find what the missing link is for you.  The link that connects you to YOUR next level.

I am just starting out in this spiritual world, will this be way too much for me?

No, no not at all.  This is actually a gorgeous place to begin. I like to make sure that every learners from all different levels feel supported and taken care of; so don’t you worry. The great part of this program is that it is customized and tailored to YOU!  This is a beautiful place to start and to be opened to your path.

Can I get a refund if coaching just isn’t the right fit for me?

There is no refund available for the coaching program, not because we are mean or greedy but because it gives you a responsibility. So often in our culture, we return things and aren’t open to the experience part of sticking through it, applying the techniques and trusting in the work. This program is not a quick fix or a band aid- it was made for long lasting change. With that being said, we also don’t want to leave you in the dust, so if there is a true problem, we are open to discussing ONLY after 7 days upon purchasing the program.

Are you offering a payment plan?

Hell yeah!!!! Click on which program you want to participate in and you will see different payment options for you!

What can I expect from coaching?

If you are willing to put in the work: deep and transformative change. Inspiration, sacred support, love, a new way to relate to yourself, fresh perspective. Meditations, Homework assignments, Resources ,Mantras, Affirmations.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I am obsessed with coaching and I have seen it work time and time again. From students ranging from all different types of backgrounds. When they did the work, they thrived. However, to be lawful I have to give you a #DISCLAIMER: I can’t guarantee your life changing. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

More Questions?!

email for help!


  • Use the link to schedule your complimentary happy hour session
  • Come back to this page and choose which payment option works for you
  • We will both sign our coaching contract
  • Schedule your first session

Purchase the Coaching Package


So you have made it all the way through this page. Your mind might be racing a mile a minute.. Do I really need coaching? Is it worth it?

I encourage you to take a deep breathe and listen to your heart. If you are really ready to live in your truth and deeply love yourself; Your body knows the answer. Feel the fear, and do it anyway baby. You were born for more than the breadcrumbs. Remember, life is always brighter when we shine 🙂