Our Training

At We the Light, LLC, we are all about that education. It is part of our mission for the staff to continuously grow, learn and educate ourselves on the newest techniques, tools and healing raves. As a team we always want to be on our A game and grow with our clients. Our team has received bachelor and master degrees, are marie forleo b schoolers, study abroaders, desire mappers, reiki masters, life coach trained, angel card reader certified, spirit junkie masterclass going, tapping feens, meditation teachers, holistic healers, blah blah blah the list goes on and on and on. Like I said, we aint playin' in the learning department. We LOVE growing our education about spirituality and we take it very very seriously. We want to give you the best so we are continuously researching, taking stock of what works best for our company and giving you options that fit your lifestyle. What makes us special is we come from many different schools of thought, providing with what truly resonates for you.

Train With Us

Don’t you sometimes wish instead of always booking sessions, you can just have the tools that your practitioner had? Well now you can! We are offering courses for reiki certification as well as to become angel card readers. Training is a fun filled masterclass usually performed in a day (depending on what level you are taking.) The day consists of education, practice, tips, tools,resources, a binder filled with knowledge on the subject, a certificate and a lot of organic fresh food to nibble on during breaks! Our education is important to us, so classes are always ongoing, private and group training is available. To schedule a masterclass training and to receive our price list, please email us at or by phone at 646-883-8014