In My Defenselessness, My Safety Lies…

Let me repeat: in my defenselessness, my safety lies. Whoa-- life changing, right? I pulled this quote from the metaphysical text, A Course In Miracles. It's been my "keep-me-sane-mantra" for the past few days. Got my mind on the mantra, the mantra on my freaking mind! I have to admit, working in this field is pretty magical. My daily chats consist of childlike glee. On any given day I get to talk about loving yourself deeper, receiving more, and enjoying the abundance. This lifestyle is pretty freaking GROOVY! While my consistent intention is to keep coming back the present moment, grounding myself into what feels good, and letting the bullshit that no longer serves me melt away-- from time to time, the monsters still find their way back in. The ego is a tricky son of a gun! “In order to believe that I am warrior hear me roar, I must keep my guard up--
I must defend!” #YoureGonnaHearMeRoar #aggressive

Even though it is really uncomfortable to acknowledge, being present has revealed to me how defensive my ego can be (especially in regards to my business.) In the past, I have felt impulsive, pissed, and defensive; I have created stories and completely shut down due to FEAR. I was scared shitless. Defending myself with big words and funny passive jabs would keep me at the top...right? WRONG! It is so exhausting. You’ve been there, right? This feeling of constantly needing to prove, hustle, do, defend? It feels wrong, slimy, and gross because it's going against our natural way of BEING. We are human-beings not human-doers. Our natural state is peace, love, and alignment...yet we create these wild stories and blocks to our inner state of truth. (click to tweet)

Defensive behavior is feeding our EGO rather than our SOUL. So what did it feel like to step up into my truth when I got an email from someone who triggered me? Instead of bitch slapping him through cheeky words, I tried processing my emotions. I looked at him with love and compassion; I let my guard down. I don't need to bake this man cookies and let him braid my hair, but this aggressive energy is also so unnecessary for both parties. Why am I so damn defensive? Because my ego feels good being “right." Egos can "feel good" by acting defensively because they trick you into believing that it's for your own "protection." But what about breathing and remembering that your worth is not determined by what others think about you? True soul-alignment does not need protection because it knows at its core, it is whole. (Click to tweet 🙂 Knowing you are worthy and safe, regardless of what is happening in your reality, is where those yucky, aggressive defense tactics can relax and fall away.

So, I turn to you, mi amigo, as your mirror. I want to reflect back to you that you are good, fun, and smart enough. Proving and defending yourself on the exterior is never a good look for you. Let your shine come from the inside. For a day, an hour, a would you feel if you could let go of this fake self-image that you have created? Your safety lies in your inner truth. Stop defending, start being, and anyone who doesn’t like that can talk to jk. I am practicing being non-defensive. 🙂 Chill: I love you, you’re perfect.

Love, Light and Laughter,
Erica Wiederlight
Creative & Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur
CEO of We The Light, LLC

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