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I am so jazzed to come back into your inbox to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to all who have purchased the Buddha With A Blowout Bundle and loved it.  For those of you who were on the fence about potentially investing in the program: I have to let you know that people are freaking digging it.

Clients have described this magical baby as “a fun, deeply meaningful and impactful program where I can get to my center: and at a price that my wallet can get down with.” “This program seriously helped me, I loved how personal the videos were, it felt like you made this program specifically for me!” It was super cool to see all the different perspectives, from clients that worked with me for years and for newbies dipping their feet in the spiritual pond: all got something out of it and were moved in a way that took their personal practice to a new level. This isn’t to brag and for you to throw roses at me, (I mean god bless, if you want to, I will not complain 😉 BUT this is to say that if you know you deserve more: this might be a genius place where you can invest in yourself for a deep lasting healing.

I recently spoke as a self help expert for a division of the U.N. : what what!!!! As magical as this experience was for my ego, My soul was deeply moved. My business has always come from my heart and soul, but being in that room with amazingly inspiring leaders: gave me a deep pull, a deep calling to bring my work on a global scale, not for my ego, but to really infuse the planet with some radical inspiration. Everywhere we turn, there is chaos and fear, and programs like this, help us remember who we really are, and slightly nudge us back into our divinity.

I have been speaking at many events this past month, and this has given me an opportunity to discuss and to connect with amazing, high vibe people who feel there might be more for them. These events are all on the spectrum: from cultural diversity classes, to sisterhood workshops, to twerking dance seminars: I have been bonding with errrreyone. I can truly say that regardless of where you at: Buddha With A Blowout can help you dig deeper, find more joy and live a more authentic life. Often, people are hesitant to invest because of FEAR, fear that “ I don’t have enough time, Do I really need this?" or the good ol money stories come up. So I took all of that into consideration and said to myself: “okay, how can I create something that is compatible with an on the go lifestyle, that is deeply healing and is at an awesome price point? and boom: BWAB

This is Buddha With A Blowout, Baby. Mixing ancient spiritual practices with pop culture, fabulousness and humor.

This Magical Bundle Includes:

  • 11 meditations (ranging from 8-25 minutes)
  • 5 deep dive homework and resource PDFS (ranging from 7-27 pages each)
  • 3 modules (around 35 minutes each)
  • 1 VIP happy hour coaching session with me

bonus: free access to all other WTL online bundles

plus: unlimited email support between buying the package and your coaching session

ALL of this magic at a lowwww price of $222

YET: we're saying YOLO and going to slash the price again and so for all this goodness only:


Yass you heard me, let me repeat: all of this magic for such an absurdly awesome price. We decided to slash the price for the next few days so it's an absolute no brainer. You're making a gorgeous investment in yourself but you're not having a panic attack around how much money you just spent. This bundle was created from my heart with lots of love, joy and is personally catered for you to step into having a deep meaningful life. It's a brilliant way to start testing out the waters. Having a resource where you can lead a deep spiritual practice and also be on the go. Balancing a fabulous life with a deep spiritual practice. Get it? Buddha With A Blowout!

Click here to get this fabulous deal!

Oh and hey: your mind might be telling you one thing while your heart says another. "Do I really need this bundle? I think I am okay, I am getting by… " whooooaaa breathe: I encourage you to take a deep breathe and listen to your heart. If you are really ready to live in your truth and deeply love yourself: your body knows the answer. Feel the fear, and do it anyway baby. This 50% off sale is for a limited time, so take the leap if it's a yes. You were born for more than just the breadcrumbs. Remember, life is always so much brighter when we shine.

Love, Light and Laughter,
Erica Wiederlight
Creative & Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur
CEO of We The Light, LLC

{ Let's Do This: I Am So Beyond Ready To Shine!}


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