This one is for you…

Hi fraand!

Today I am giving you an unconventional WTL post, instead of the normal blog. I want to turn it over to YOU. Giving you the spotlight, I open up the floor to hear all that is happening in your world. I ask this because:

A. I freakin love you and I want to know what’s shaking.


B. I am custom making some projects and I want YOUR VOICE, NEEDS, AND THOUGHTS to be a part of these future works!

As you probably know, We The Light has its own radio show called “Shine School”, hosted by yours truly. You can check it out on Blog Talk Radio (#shamelessplug.) Clients and fans have been like, “Hey! Can I recommended so-and-so to guest host with you?” Or, “Hey! Can you speak about this topic?” I figured that it’s time to turn it over to you, my VIP badass B! And so I ask…

What do YOU want to hear? What do you want to learn? How can I serve you better and help you really break through? What is the self-help question or topic that you have been yearning to hear about? Do you have any recommendations for any boss guest-hosts? (You can totally pitch yourself, by the way.)

Beyond the radio show, I wanted to reach out to get your feedback about the BIG KAHUNE, which is WTL’S ONLINE COURSE THAT IS BEING LAUNCHED ON OCTOBER 13TH! Hide yo’, kids, hide yo’ wife! Oh and P.S. You have VIP discount access (what, what!!!) My amigo, I am totally peeing in my pants with excitement.

To give you cliff notes of what the course entails…

The steps to true self-love: releasing shame, gaining clarity, and becoming your own Guru.

The logo and name of the course alone are making me giddy, I can’t wait for the official announcement! I am super excited for the merch alone. #ineedajumpsuit #totebag #hats #likeabatmitzvah

The branding and scripts have been outlined…but before I solidify anything further, I wanted to check in with you. This is a really cool opportunity, because I am custom making the course around your questions, needs, and any specific topics that you want to work on! So again I ask:

Would you be interested in a course like this? Is there anything in particular that you want me to target regarding shame? What makes you feel guilty? Do you give your power away? Are you confused about how to manifest? What else would you like me to highlight or discuss?

Like I said, the course is being custom made for YOU! Drop me a line at and tell me what you desire from the course or a quick yes or no if this is something that you would invest in. Oh and hey, you get a free gift when you respond (#incentive.)

Thanks for taking time out of your day! Love you lots <3

because life is brighter when we shine!


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