You ALWAYS have the opportunity to choose again

Hello my glittery and fabulous friend,

I wanted to break it down to the ground today and talk about one simple word: and my favorite these days is: CHOICE. Our old pal webster describes choice as “ an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with one or more possibilities.” Brilliant. Thanks Webby. Here’s the shit though: we can understand conceptually that we have “choices”. However, when it comes down to the nitty gritty.. we feel like we don’t have more than one possibility.  We are limiting and basing our greatness on our reality, on exterior failures and successes. If we just knew that we could choose again and that we have more than one option, our life would expand.  CLICK TO TWEET #limitlessuniverse

No but seriously, as spiritual students we are taught the importance of our mind. To be wary of our thoughts because they become things. Hell yeah- thoughts kill or thoughts cure. Yet, I see time and time again, people are DOWN to change their beliefs but they feel like they only have one option. Does that make sense? I have seen the ditching of old thought patterns to make room for greatness but then POW- back to being stuck. Maybe you have done it all- wicca spells, chanting, money manifesting affirmations, every man magnet meditation on youtube, can repeat brad yates EFT tapping word for word verbatim and yet stuck, little results. Why? It’s because sometimes ego can have a cap on our growth. Okay, okay Erica thats really good that you stretched yourself here but that's enough for now. 

We are in a culture of major settling, thinking that's the only option. We are doing the work by opening our mindset up yet settling for what reality has put in front of us. I am here to tell you: we need to work on that vision. Feeling into that and trusting that you will have it. You may feel ay bay cray at times but, do you want to settle for less than? Have you heard yourself or a friend saying “Well, there is no chemistry but he has a good job, he’s great on paper.” “It’s just a job”, “I can’t afford it.” Filling up on the bullshit breadcrumbs of getting by instead of putting on your gucci gown and getting the surf and turf. It's not that we aren’t open to the work, we just accept “reality” way to easily.” Oh well, thats the way it is! That’s how the cookie crumbles- It is what it is!” No, honestly what the hell. We have become such victims to our “reality”. But here's the most magical part;we only see 1 percent of truth. Let me repeat… 1 PERCENT. So you’re frustrated because your vision board didn't come to fruition yet.. Maybe the angels and your spiritual crew are conspiring in the background but you can only see 1 percent right now. 

Want more magic? Remember that you have a choice. You are not a victim. You can choose again. You my fabulous friend, are the creator of your own life. Sounds overwhelming? Slightly. But I got to tell you, It’s more fun and amazing when you embrace your power. The best part? If you don't like what you’ve created, you start again in the next moment. Thoughts, your actions, and how you show up in this world is hella important. But I am here to remind you that you have a CHOICE. You never need to settle for your partner, your finical situation, how people are treating you, even how you show up in this world. Beyond that, you are not a victim to your fear, your anger, your sadness. As real and as powerful as these emotions may feel- these emotions don't need to lead your life. That breakup didn’t define your worth, neither did the promotion. You’re valuable and whole no matter what. The highs and lows will and have never made you less or greater than. Take a breathe, and before you send that text.. choose again. Intentions are fabulous, but when you repeat that you are willing to choose again, to choose differently- that’s power. You are stating that you understand that you are the co creator of your life . That the universe is a limitless boss ass bitch who has your back and is conspiring for your highest good. Please, don't disgrace her like that- she doesn’t starve you and merely give you only one choice. EVER. She’s a LIMIT-LESS, creator. But it's your CHOICE to see it that way or not. 

Choose love, choose life and choose to create the most magical rockstar life your brilliant heart can desire.

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 Love, Light and Laughter,

Erica Wiederlight 

Creative & Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur
CEO of We The Light, LLC 

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