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V I P 1: 1 "Happy Hour" Coaching

This program is specifically created for the woman who is seriously ready to up level and shift to her highest potential, across the board. Who is ready to deepen her relationships, gain clarity, get what she wants, and start living her dreams while feeling safe, supported and guided.

What's included:

VIP 1:1 Coaching Sessions:
Throughout these sessions, you will learn to shed the things that are not serving you and we will work on cultivating what you do want. Together we will create momentum, clarity and clear action steps that will help you achieve your goals, desires and intentions that you have set to live a life you have dreamed of.

Unlimited Email Support and Resources:
This is a big one! There will be many breakthroughs and aha moments when working together and sometimes questions about what to do, suggestions, and one of the most valuable tools is having that unlimited email support. You have constant access to your coach, meaning constant support, guidance, resources and advice if needed! Your coaching goes way beyond our time together on the phone. With that being said, there is an unlimited amount of resources that you receive when signing up. Meaning free books, audios, worksheets and tools to help you get what you truly desire!

Deep Dive Homework:
After each session, you will get homework for growth. This homework is personally tailored to your goals and intentions. With these deep dive homework assignments, you will also receive amazing free resources that will help you continue to grow and get what you want!

Angel Card Reading/Reiki Session:
Such an amazing FREE bonus! Angel card readings are the equivalent to tarot cards, minus the scary. Angel cards just give positive information and guidance to you! Reiki Healing helps with an assortment of things. Clearing mental blocks to physical health. Reiki is an upcoming practice in the healthcare world because it works. These hour sessions are always fun, eye opening and refreshing!

Life & Happiness Coaching

Yes, happiness coaching is a real thing…that we ALL NEED! In all seriousness, think how easily you get frustrated, annoyed, sad, etc. Happiness is an inside job, and it really takes conscious practice. When you boil every issue down to the core and ask yourself- "what do I truly want", the #1 response is happiness. Think about it, go to the root of your issues and you’ll find you just want to be freakin happy. We all crave and deserve joy, sometimes we just loose our way. Wouldn’t everything be so much more fun and enjoyable if we could actually love our lives instead of getting stressed and consumed with the bullshit? Well here is your opportunity to start livin la vida loca! Work one on one with certified happiness and quantum life coach Erica to truly find your happy place. Personal coaching sessions with Erica are like a really fun therapy session. You leave with tools, tips, guidance and support to start living at your full potential. Oh, and do you wanna hear the cherry on top? Guess where your sessions take place? Wherever the frig you want. You heard it right, the sessions are via Skype so you can feel comfortable to dive deep in the comfort of your own living room in your spongebob pajamas. The even cooler part you whisper? They are catered to YOU. There is of course a structure we keep but its about you! Healing and happiness is totally individual, we make sure we cater to YOUR specific needs and wants. This means it can be a totally rad peace, love and Woodstock session or Oprah business b type appointment—whatever you need, ya get, and ya get it good!

Spiritual Coaching

Similar to the life and happiness coaching, this option digs a little deeper with your spirituality. We find the root of your problems and its link to be worked out using a higher source. Trained in many schools of thought, we are open and knowledgeable about different spiritual paths so you can find what best suits your life and preferences. Sessions can be discussions or filled with fun tools such as angel cards, meditation, yoga, EFT tapping, crystals, reiki, the list goes on and on. There is absolutely no religious affiliation to this program though, we have researched them all in depth and practice some beliefs, we do not afflict anything on you. We are open to the highest good, and we are lovetarians (we only ingest love, :) . You will leave this coaching with a stronger relationship to your spirituality and with yourself. Beyond discovering an immense amount of information about yourself through this program you also will come to form a routine. Through our sessions together, we will help you form your own “practice” or sadhana. We have a shopping cart philospy of taking what works and serves you and leaving the rest at the door. We promise to take your relationship with a higher source to the next level, which is one of the most important connections we are here on this earth for.

Motivational Speaking

Our move the crowd, motivational speeches are unlike the typical ted talk you are imagining. Erica mixes her passion for growth, coaching, humor, music, exercises and high vibe energy into her speaking gigs. Erica has given many diverse and impactful speeches across the country. Ranging from sororities, to college campuses, small corporations, yoga studios, wellness events to New York Fashion Week, (to name a few)! Depending on the audience, the conversation is tailored to the crowd but our mission and intention is always the same: to inspire, to motivate and to empower lasting change. Many leave the talk laughing and feeling happy,giddy, inspired, refreshed, educated and empowered. We have talked with audiences on an assortment of topics, but our most rock star sweet spots are:

– Confidence
– Become so in love with yourself (self worth and self love)
– Owning you and stepping into your full potential
– Romance and relationships
– Money
– Entrepreneurship (especially for creative types)
– Mindset
– How to cultivate a deep, spiritual practice on the go

Email us at to receive our press kit and more information how to book Erica at your next event!

Reiki Healing

Reiki is way more then just having someone with magical hands hoping to send you good juju. It is an ancient energy healing technique where the therapist has been attuned to a different type of life force energy. They channel this light into the patient. This energy activates and realigns the natural healing processes of the patients body and restores  physical and emotional well-being. It is trippy, miraculous, soothing and the more open the client is to the service, the better the results.

Researched Benefits:
– Reduced Anxiety
– Reduced Stress
– Reduced Pain
– Enhanced Well-Being

Reported Benefits:
– Spiritual Side Effects
– Improved Digestion
– Improved Sleep
– Improved Focus and Memory

These sessions are a perfect quick fix to realign yourself in the chaos of our world. They are relaxing, energizing and will gently bring you back to a higher state. For now, we have  studio locations in NYC, with hopes to expand. If location is an issue for you, we do have a distant healing option via Skype for our rock stars on the go.

Angel Card Readings

Angel cards can sometimes live in the shadows of the Tarot Card Deck. They are for sure the Jan Brady, or the middle child of the bunch. Since they’re has been such a negative Halloween type association with Tarot cards, sometimes people assume that angel cards are similar. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! But, what people are forgetting is that they are ANGELS, like little chunky adorable cherubs, and in the cards we use at We the Light, there is never a bad or negative reading. Our cards only deliver light news and suggest you live that way- no scary Halloween witch over a cauldron type deal here. Now we are in no way hating on the tarot deck, they are baller too. ( I mean we live and die for Halloween at our Headquarters, like seriously obsessed) BUT- We The Light staff are trained in the angel cards just because its what works with us.

The main difference between Tarot and Angel Cards is in the SOURCE of the guidance. A tarot card reader is looking at the situation with the intuition and sixth sense where an angel card reader specifically asks guidance from your personal guides. Your guides being your angels, ascended masters, god, the universe, people that have passed, your bunny tootsie, or whatever higher source comes through the reading. No guessing, just straight up answering from your spiritual gangster crew. Make an appointment today and start connecting with a higher state!

Party rocking to the house tonight!

Host a Positive Vibe Tribe Event

Who wouldn’t want the We The Light crew showing up at their house for a ladies' night, or at their office to help release some of that tension? Our Vibe Tribes are powerful. We come to inspire, grow and have fun, so invite awesome friends that are open to having a beautiful boss-ass time! What happens is we lead a "circle" depending on the host's preferences. We talk, meditate, EFTtap, DANCE, grow and heal together. While the party is going, we have a Reiki practitioner as well as an Angel Card Reader perform services privately so your friends can get a mini-service to top off the night, it's freaking fabulous. It's your healing party on the go. You bring the guests, the food, the goodie bags and you leave the spiritual party planning up to us! This package is a fan favorite: it's fun, important and a deeply healing and gorgeous way to bond with your guests, making memories to last a lifetime!


Are you a creative, soulful entrepreneur starting up your new business? putting your art or healing practice into the world? do you need someone to guide and support you during this creative endeavour? Through mentorship, Erica helps you grow and craft your boutique business into something you love. She teaches you how to have a lasting brand that is personally catered to your specialities and how you can seriously serve the planet by doing what lights you up. She mixes personal development coaching with proven rock star techniques and tools to live as your highest, most badass boss lady self! If you are ready to put your work into the world- this program is where it's at!