"Working with Erica has been a dream! I was looking for someone to do Reiki and just like that, Erica came into my life! From the minute I walked through her door, I felt comfortable, welcomed, and inspired. Her positive vibes and energy are contagious -- they instantly make you feel at ease. What I thought would be a simple Reiki session turned into a spiritual interaction so far beyond my expectations. Erica not only provided Reiki but gave me spiritual guidance through her spot on angel card readings, chakra cleansing, and life coaching. She encouraged me to ask questions, tell her what I need, what is working, and what's not. Erica is a gift from the universe that has helped me, healed me, and continues to guide me on a daily basis. I am incredibly blessed and grateful that the universe has put me in such powerful, genuine, and kind hands!"

– Jillian, Jewelry Sales Associate

"Working with Erica Wiederlight has been a fascinating and extremely rewarding experience for me. As a Reiki Master practitioner for many years, I found Erica to be one the most receptive and open of all my clients. I attribute this to her unusually open spirit. Even before we actually met, I was most eager to work on her because the energy from her emails was so sincere and special. I intuitively sensed she was special. It is difficult for me to put into words – all I can say is that Erica is an extremely unique and spiritual young woman who will only blossom into a more and more powerful human being. I truly believe that Erica will grow into a very powerful yet gentle healer and I can't wait to see that! She is truly, truly lovely."

– Gia, Professional Dancer, Actress & Reiki Master

"I’ve known Erica for 20 years now and through all, she’s remained one of the kindest, most wonderful people I know. Everything she does is with care, grace, and joy. I find her energy to be an incredible source of uplift and inspiration. Whatever we share together, it’s always savored."

-David, Graphic Designer

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