The Story

Erica Wiederlight

Erica Wiederlight was born a light worker, I mean its in her freakin’ name!  Get it?  Wiederlight...We The Light?  ANYWAY...although Erica felt connected to this light worker path at a young age, she quickly detoured like so many people often do.  Erica actively disconnected from her physical body and inner true self to avoid reality.  During that time of struggle, she dimmed her inner light and paid more attention to the comfortability of those around her.  For many years, she was a rock-star people hardcore.  She put everyone's thoughts, feelings, and opinions before her own.  Even in toxic relationships and hard situations, she rarely considered her own feelings.  Even through this challenging time, at her core, Erica's soul was dying to laugh, have fun, and live in her light. Over time, she realized that the passion for this lifestyle existed in her since she was a young girl. As a hyper child "actress," Erica requested her Italian, not-so-natural mother to take her to organic food stores, buy her Rodney Yee's Yoga VCR tapes, and to play Stevie Nicks " Landslide" and "Rhiannon" on repeat every night (because Stevie spoke to her soul.)  This loud, fun, wild child was dying for inner peace and harmony since she was very small.

Growing up surrounded by wealth, addiction, and instant-gratification lifestyles were the perfect distractions to keep Erica from being her honest self (picture: little Erica running around her block in a wet bathing suit, eating a spiderman ice-cream cone, loving and trusting life.) Years of self loathing and insecurity were finally stopped in their tracks when her spirituality was strengthened after a series of hardship (deaths of loved ones, family members being diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, and years of self destruction that had been consistently eating her soul alive.)  All of the negativity seemed trivial after such major life events.  With her arms raised, she was ready to f***ing listen to what the universe was telling her and take action. Through serious study, she finally awoke.  With her eyes open, she saw the harm and toxicity that she, as well as the people she cared about most in the world, were causing themselves.  The self hate and limiting of beliefs she was seeing all around her was when Erica said, "Oh hell no!  Don't they know how wonderful/ beautiful/amazing they are?  Why are they telling themselves they are unworthy?" A mixture of the spiritual eruption, a burning desire to wake people up to their true worth, and the wish for people to live in the light of joy kickstarted the creation of this new, wonderful, and very exciting company We the Light.

For years Erica felt like she wasn't communicating or expressing something within; she didn't understand why there was a block in her throat. What could it be though?  She was an actress for god sakes! She was taught to express.  Well, it wasn't until she shared her story in front of a room of 300 people that she realized she was heard, and needed to be heard.  As an actress she had been hiding behind characters stories; she never thought that her message was as impactful as theirs, and quickly she realized it was.  The tales needed to be told to help heal others. Her mission comes deeply from her heart to inspire and change peoples lives through light, love and laughter.  She is eternally grateful for being guided and supported on this fantastic journey. Because, as you know life is brighter, when we SHINE.

Our Mission as We The Light

We The Light, LLC has a strong mission and force behind it. Our goal is to make every client leave their session of choice feeling like a goddess rock star and to shine bright like a freakin diamond, stepping into their power unapologetically! Nothing makes our company's soul more happy than to see our clients and friends laugh, grow, heal, and stretch themselves to places they never thought was possible. Watching client's dreams come true through our guidance whether it be getting the job, the guy, or the inner love they needed is what keeps us going at 3 am to make sure we got it right. We come from a place of pure service and ever pouring love because through our individual tragedies and traumas that we have faced, we get it. Our team has been through it all, like seriously, it all. Meaning, we take our client's happiness and progress to heart. We have survived the struggles and have come out of the darkness to be your biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and friends to stand by you and say “ hey girl, you got this” ( Insert a smoking picture of Ryan Gosling).

A companies team who is made up with brunchin’ bada$$ NYC ladies is for sure your spin on holistic wellness. Our team meetings are like if the Spice Girls shared a cab with Amy Schumer and Stevie Nicks to an Oprah and Deepak Chopra Meditation Event. It's crazy, it's fun, it's honest, it's healing. Our clients are a specific bunch; They are women and young girls who are ready to shine and not to apologize. To be heard, to love themselves and to rise up to meet their higher self. We have morals as old and as ancient as the Buddha’s lifestyle, with a gandhi/ yogi twist but an approach as modern, as modern family. Everyone is welcome, everyone can heal, everyone is the light. With no labels attached as to what healing “should” look like, we promise your healing journey will be a fun and exciting one, for realzz!

We are NOT your usual holistic company running through the fields, eating kale, and throwing granola into the air (though, that does sound fun but it's not our normal go to). We are young women living in a busy city on this fucking awesome journey. Sometimes we get it and we are all namaste and one with all and sometimes there are tears on the subway platform and thai food to pick us up, and that's okay too. Our goal is to honor you and to teach you how to do that for yourself. Each person's journey is different and we promise to stand by you laughing,crying, guiding and dancing you all the way back to your inner “home". Because life is brighter, when we SHINE.