The Team

Who the Hell Are You Guys?

We are:

teachers, actors, healers, business gals, students, women, laughers, comedians, taxpayers, singers, dancers, friends, lovers, and givers. "Started from the bottom now we're here, started from the bottom now my whole team fu***** here!!"How did this hodgepodge of wonderful employees come together, you may ask?  CEO and Founder Erica Wiederlight brought together her favorite and coolest gal pals with a similar mindset to create a loca-familia type feeling of a company. #YAS girl powah!


The Team






Erica’s Charlotte's Web

Erica & Julie

Their friendship is based off of rituals and secrets you will never know, mwahah! JK. Well, kinda. The ladies both attended Wagner College where they joined forces and pledged the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority together. #pandasforlyfe #roses #notsoellewoods. At first Erica was terrified of Julie, because she was awesome and real pretty. During the pledging process, Erica saw what a huge heart, sense of humor and overall baller person Julie was and loved her instantly. They share many collegiate memories of crafting, eating hot dogs and lip syncing Akon on stage in front of a college. Though they shared a bond, life happens and they only saw each other for the occasionally boozy brunch. In one of these events they shared their passion for a more holistic and meaningful life and Julie started to become a client of Erica’s. Over their sessions together, Erica divulged her company idea and Julie jumped on it. Erica’s idea was much smaller but with Julie’s drive and passion they company grew to a place where Erica could have never dreamed. Together they have made an amazing team and even better friends. Fun Fact: Julie’s (real) sister is Erica’s Big Big in the sorority, oh hayyyy.

Erica & Kailey

When you dive into a dictionary and look up attached at the hip its a picture these two animals. They also met at Wagner College, but became friends last semester of senior year. Both being theatre majors, they shared a bond of singing show tunes at 3 am and taking Halloween costume crafting a little to seriously. Though their relationship started late in the college game, they instantly acted like sisters and then moved into their first apartment together as roommates. The support and love Kailey has given to Erica over the years is countless. It was a no brainer, that she would be a perfect candidate for the team. Fun Fact: Erica and Kailey's workout company was called “50  shades of Pain” (don’t ask.) The trainer requested to be called Vicious V, and called Kailey- Special K and Erica- Ez E… They will never be the same.

Erica & Jen

Ain't if fun, Living in the real world?! Erica and Jen’s relationship is based off of texting absurd song lyrics to each other. #true. Erica met the UDEL student by being best friends with her older brother, Matt. Once Erica met and, went on the best vacation ever with Jen, Matt and her family -it was like Jen was her younger sister. As friends and seeeesters they enjoy going to Rhode Island to tour the Vanderbilt Mansions and pretend they are in high society in the 1800’s. They laugh, stalk Taylor Swift at her beach house, meditate on the beach, buy bulk of Buddha and Ganesha items and overall have a beautiful friendship that will last forever. This kind hearted, hilarious and brilliant youngster’ was a for sure fit as a perfect summer intern that adds to our team tremendously. Fun Fact: Erica and Jen's moms are literally the same person, they are Bronx raised spit fires. Think of the nanny named Fran meets the step of the Irish. Oh saint parsarvis!