Erica Wiederlight

CEO & Founder

Favorite Healing Remedy or yoga position?
I am absolutely here for the savasana, I can hold that pose all day 😉 ** Another healing remedy I loved as a kid was playing hooky with my mom. If I was sick, we had a specific routine: Dr's office, Burger King, Toys-R-Us. It wasn't particularly healthy, but it was for sure fun and her love always healing. As the CEO & Founder of this company, I am obviously down and a huge supporter of holistic health care, and that love heals all. Peace and Love, Baby!

Fav Holiday?
HALLOWEEN. Seriously obsessed, like WHOA. In our apartment, we have 3 boxes filled with Halloween tchotchkes. Witches, goblins and candy, OH MY! This year I bloodied up the shower curtain and decided to make that smart decision an hour before work. I dipped my hands into the fake blood and splashed it around the apartment. It took me two weeks to scrub the fake blood off of my arms (my inner theatre kid came out making me feel like Velma Kelly/Lady Macbeth.) The looks I got on the subway were really something special.

Vacation Spot?
Weirdly, Turkey. I mean I was there for literally a day on a cruise but I loved it, it completely surpassed my expectations. I felt like Jasmine, I was like, make way for PRINCE ALI, you ain't never had a friend like me! Consistently though the trip was Viva Las Vegas. It's not the pool party, DJ Pauly D Vegas you are thinking though. It's like a deranged family vacay where my parents have been taking me to the fabulous city since I was a kid. Every single year for 12 days a POP. It's outrageous, no one needs to spend 12 days in Las Vegas, I always end the trip looking like a rock lobster. How the hell do you spend 12 days in Vegas without dancing your face off at TAO, you may ask? Well firstly, I am with my parents and we do Vegas the old way — like Elvis/Frank Sinatra sparkly grandma sweaters old way. We catch rays by the pool, shop 'til we drop, eat at awesome restaurants (BAM) and go to ALL of the shows. At this point I am Cirque du Soleil'd out. Viva Las Vegas!

Who is a hero of yours?
Woof, this is such a hard question. Honestly, every single member of my immediate family. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister. I am obsessed with each of them for their own individual reasons. They are all hot damn and inspire me daily to live in my light.

Favorite Quote?
The quote I used in my 7th grade yearbook: "You can turn off the sun but I am still gonna shine."

I will never be seen without my....
I'm practicing non-attachment so nothing— HA jk. But like kinda? A purse filled with a lot of shit. Receipts, organic gum, Lara Bar, lip gloss fa' days, iPhone 6 Plus aka a desktop, wallet, my laptop, business cards, fancy pens, the book I am reading that month, my journal, ya know.

Celebrity Crush?
PETE DAVIDSON – he is hilarious, lanky, charitable and has a Staten Island accent, what the hell else could you ask for.