TRUST me on this…

"Every time I thought I was being rejected by something good, (I was actually being redirected) to something better."

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So, I got this totally ego-crushing email the other day that came as a form of “rejection." In the past, mama would have gone to TOWNNNNNNNNN. I am sure I would have felt a range of emotions, called all of my friends to bitch, and eaten all of the old left over Halloween candy. But this new and improved Erica, who is still a little cray and lovessss her halloween candy, connected with her inner guidance system. "Higher self Erica" was here in action, and I knew I was in a higher vibe spot because of how I reacted. When I got the email, I laughed, I smiled, and knew that something better was on the way. That sounds like a drastic difference compared to a human who could have been stuffing Charleston Chews down her throat. So, new Erica, how did you achieve that level headed space? TRUST! Trusting that the universe completely has my back across the board: financially, health-wise, with my relationships, and regarding my career. Now, I am not saying screw it all, pray really hard, and hope for the best! But I am advocating believing, before seeing. Have faith. It might not always feel like rainbows and butterflies, but that higher guide sees struggle as a gift-- whether it be a lesson, a new path, or move-- for your highest good (even when it feels painful).

I hear you, it's hard. We are a fast-paced culture. If we see results, then maybe we believe. One of my favorite quotes is, "What is for you, will not pass you.” YES! Doesn’t that give you some freedom to breathe? We don’t need to hold our desires in a headlock, we can just be present to the good stuff and TRUST that whatever is good for us will come back, if it is meant for us. Another mantra I love is, “I want ____ OR SOMETHING BETTER!" We get so hard on ourselves- even in our damn vision boards— if that's not whats coming to you or manifesting in your life right now TRUST that the universe, God, angels, your dead bunny Tootsie, or something greater than yourself has something so much better for you in store. So chill da eff out! It's a gorgeous marriage of doing the work and staying honestly connected to your desires, but also trusting that what is meant for you will not pass you. You have to lean into the trust of the universe and yourself. "You need to reach a point where you love and trust yourself so much that you can trust your gut." - (click to tweet) Trust the voice that voice that says, “Hey girl, I promise you are safe, I promise you are okay.” Keep your eyes wide open, my friend. And if it keeps showing up...try it! Be open to what's going on in your world. Being open hearted is keyyyy.

I invite you to trust deeply. I am not saying trust every local wackjob on the A train. I am asking you to trust your higher self (not your ego- this is key.) Trust the universe, trust that you have a big mission to fill in this lifetime, trust that what is meant to be will come together when you are connected to those amazing desires. Let this be the blast of radical self trust, self love, and compassion. Realizing that we are not alone in our hardships, nor are we alone in our joys. We are forever protected, held, and loved, regardless of what we are doing. Lean in...I trust you got this 🙂
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Love, Light & Laughter,
Erica Wiederlight
CEO of We The Light, LLC

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