You LUCKY Son of a Gun!

ohhhhhh.... (SAINT PARSARVIS) top of da mornin to ya!


^ {go back and read that in your best Irish accent}

Anyway HEY friend,

Whats going on? Like for real, for real. If we were to break through the bullshit and talk about how we're doing on the interior, what would you say? I want to have a real serious conversation with you about life and about your 2016 goals! Are you still having resolution anxiety? Are you beating yourself up for eating that Irish soda bread and washing it down with a shamrock shake when you proclaimed the mantra “new year new me?" #fitfam #goals #crushinit Let’s cut the bull. Beyond our lofty ideals, there are hard desires or core beliefs that we want to pursue. Let's go with the food scenario: why are you being so damn hard on yourself? Why do you want to loose the weight? Is it genuinely about being healthier-- because you know your body deserves the best (go you, if thats why!), or is it because you find your worth when you are a smaller size? You get my drift? Let’s REALLY TALK and let go of the bullshit and tap into the good shifts.

Since we are on the resolution and being "lucky" theme, I am going to shatter some old beliefs and let you know that "YOU make your own luck, kid"- Terry Wiederlight. I would always joke about Papa T's quote but now I have seriously embodied this mantra. Its a mix of hard work, believing I am worthy of what I desire, knowing I am the creator of my destiny and leaning and asking for support. So I am here to tell you that YOU can create exactly what you want. You are not a victim of life, life is not happening to you. YOU have control to change it. Change your thoughts and actions change ya damn life! Always being in pursuit of that good life.

This topic makes me want to break out into a dance #yaskween, I am super inspired when I can help others and point them to the light. Lean on me and I will show you a whole new world. (cue lights up, aladdin/ jasmine mics on, carpet fly and go). In all seriousness, I want you to kick ass- get those goals, live your happy and feel like you are the luckiest, most baller son of a gun.


SO- I am offering a complimentary, no strings attached, 60 minute happy hour consultation. What will we do in this breakthrough session? We'll talk about your core desires, the goals you want to achieve, and how to genuinely shift from feeling crappy to happy. I am offering this service because I want you to feel jazzed! I want you to have clarity, direction, and hope. This is a non-resolution zone. These consultations are sacred and important conversations. Let’s really zoom in and talk about what isn't working and the positive changes that you want to cultivate and manifest. These sessions are near and dear to my heart because I know they work and I want to support you as you shift your mindset and lifestyle.

This year some of my core desired emotions are to feel: loved, accomplished, respected, praised, appreciated, helpful, powerful, connected to source energy, enlightened, tuned in, mindful, creative, happy, pleasured, lit up, unlimited, attractive, authentic, brave, and abundant. What are yours? How do you want to show up in the world, for yourself? Let’s talk. I want to hear how you want to feel and who you want to be in life -- not just the new year, and not just through your goals, but through your soul. Stop playing small- you are big, powerful and you have a lot to give to this planet.

Schedule your complimentary session here, so we can genuinely talk about whats holding you back from the life that you want. Let me help guide, support, and cheer you on! I can’t wait to talk love and magic with ya! Happy 2016, love! New Year, New Mindset, New Miracles!

Love, Light, Leprechauns & Laughter,

Erica Wiederlight
Creative & Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur
& CEO of We The Light, LLC

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{where in the world is erica wiederlight?!}

Erica was last seen collaborating with 1hotels central park & Melissa Rosenfield, director of vibe for the chic dark sky event for fashion, food and photography bloggers!

4 new episodes of Erica's blog talk radio show have been aired! & Antonina Romano of Life Well Made had Erica on as a guest for her podcast. They spoke of all things spirtual and around being a successful millennial entreprenur!

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