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The idea of giving and receiving has been coming up a lot for me recently in my personal life, as well as in the lives of my clients. It’s funny because our culture is constantly encouraging manifesting and creating our desires-- but we hardly address sitting back and ENJOYING the damn show! Let me give you some personal examples: when I first launched my business, I was running around like a wild animal constantly doing, producing, achieving, and pushing (a very masculine energy, if I say so myself.) Although I was being a boss-ass-baller, I was neither engaging with nor acknowledging what I had cultivated. I was missing amazing opportunities because I was avoiding being present...and I was avoiding being present because my mind wanted to jump to the next thing (#instantgratification.) That’s a total smack down to the universe! They’re like, "Wow, we give you what you want and you don't even enjoy it or thank us? That's not cool dude, enjoy and celebrate." SO- I have begun to attempt the balancing act of my feminine and masculine energies. (Cliff notes- masculine: doing/ giving, feminine: being present and receiving. Regardless of our gender, we want to cultivate both of those energies.)

unnamedThis week I made a shift to truly surrender to receiving greatness. I have been given an amazing opportunity to work NYFW and bring "We The Light" with me. I am so excited and honored to showcase the business, performing healing services on editors and people who work in the fashion industry, and work alongside some awesome teachers and companies such as: Elena Brower, Biet, The Butcher’s Daughter, Sun Potion, Serene Social, Yoga for bad people, the list goes on and on. This dope opportunity, where I can mix my passions, was something I did NOT want to mentally miss. So I surrender completely to the moment. Even though my mind may drift and I think, "I have to add this person to instagram," question "Do I deserve this?" or exclaim, “That was literally the best green juice I have ever drunk before,” I constantly come back to the moment-- just like meditation.


When you are open to receive, your heart is more open to further amazing opportunities. Today was the NYFW press preview. As I was getting into my uber, I looked at my email and saw that my mentor and teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, had featured me this week in “blogs we dig." Yahoo! I was able to receive this because I was open to it and I knew that I DESERVED it. Know that you freaking deserve what you put on that vision board- because if you don’t feel that you're worthy of your desires, then you are literally just staring at a picture of Oprah Winfrey and a trip to Bali. Get me? Having that sense of self-worth and confidence is the final (and most important) key to truly being open to receive all the goodies that the universe has in store. Working with Serene Social and NYFW are opportunities that went beyond what I ever had imagined. This opportunity came because I was open to receiving and understanding my worth.

So I ask you, how can you receive more? How can you sit back like an old grandpa in his rocking chair and say, “Shit, life is good.” Sit back, relax, open your universal goodie bag, and let the confetti fly. We don't need to choke hold and manipulate, we don't need to drive ourselves crazy around the "HOW????" Just show up, know your damn worth, kick ass, and RECEIVE! (Lather, rinse, repeat as much as needed.) Replace that mental block (fear) with the mantra: I am open to receiving miracles. I know I am worthy and deserving of my desires. I want to be open to receiving amazing gifts that come my way-- easily and effortlessly.

Love, Light & Laughter,
(Really receive that love sugaaaa!)

Erica Wiederlight
CEO/Owner of We The Light, LLC

P.S. - Happy valentines day!

P.P.S. - If you are in NYC this week and want to check out the Bandier NYFW pop up, you can RSVP at (Check out how sick the lineup is!)

P.P.P.S. - Check out to see our blog post that got chosen!

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