Hi again!  It’s me, Erica, the CEO of We The Light.  I want to talk to you about the "WHY." As you know, I am super passionate about the work we do and I stand behind this process 100%.  I would not make a major career change, start a business, and hire a team if I didn’t truly believe in this approach to life.

As your coach and/or healer, I am here to be your personal cheerleader and your guide to achieve great happiness.  Watching my clients live out their dreams every day is one of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of my job.  I am going to make your happiness my priority; I will guide you towards living a rich life, full of abundance.  I truly believe that we don't get any "dress rehearsals" in life-- that the present moment is the show!  I want to lend you all the tools I can in order to help you live unapologetically, with color and brilliance.

If you are ready to start living deeply and honestly, I would be honored and happy to help.

Why hire a life coach?

You want to feel empowered.
You want to live with more confidence.
You want to feel inspired and rejuvenated.
You want more love in your life.
You want more happiness in your life.
You want more success and abundance in your life.
You want to deepen your spirituality.
You want support and guidance.
You want to really start living.

The amazing benefits of coaching:


Deep Connection & Meaning

When we work together, the work we do is sacred, deep, and rich. When throwing yourself into this process, you will reach your goals and intentions-- but on a deeper level. You will connect with something greater than yourself and come out on the other side as a more powerful you. Your life will be richer in all senses. You will see life through clearer, more loving eyes. You will start living the life you have always wanted to live.


Success & Happiness

You will have success and abundant happiness in all arenas of your life when we look inward and work together. After putting in the time and effort, you will find that there are different levels of success for different people. From personal relationships to love, from work to general life struggles, you will truly start living from a soulful perspective.


Tips & Tools

YES! There will be many radical breakthroughs during our sessions, but some of the most valuable resources we give are practical tips, tools, and practices. Depending on what we are specifically working on together, our team will give you a plethora of tools to use and whip out when needed. We love our resources, so after every session, you will get plenty of fun and helpful notes, tools, books, videos, audio pieces, and anything that will help you deepen and strengthen your work.thecrew_ring

The Crew

We offer around the clock support. I have your back fully and completely. It is my intention to hold the space for your growth until you “grow your own wings." But the great news is: since we are working deeply and spiritually, something greater happens. Call it what you will-- the universe, God, the man upstairs, fairies, your bunny Tootsie, Love, angels and/or high vibe frequency ALSO has your back. We are not alone. We are guided, protected, loved, and kept safe in the light of this Love spirit. Our spiritual crew is always holding us up; and feeling that deep connection alone makes the hard work we have to do priceless.

We would make a great team if:

You like learning more about yourself,
You like learning in general,
You like having fun and laughing :),
You want to grow and enrich your life,
You are serious about living as the best version of yourself!